Prevent Suicide Chippewa Valley Coalition is closing as of 4/15/2021. This was a very difficult decision for our team. Our members have been committed to working towards a reduction in deaths by suicide and mental health stigma in our communities for over a decade. Our ability to continue to provide thoughtful action has been greatly reduced by the demands of the last year. We are confident that the work will continue as we have seen so many local agencies and organizations make this a priority over the last several years.
We are incredibly grateful for your support over the years. Listening to your voices, what was important and what you needed helped to fuel our focus and drive. PSCV does have funds from 2020 that will be dispersed to our partner organization, the National Alliance on Mental Illness Chippewa Valley. They continue to work towards this mission and will identify other organizations to support.
The Sharing Hope Walk and website is a part of this ending. Our Facebook pages will also end and we encourage you to seek out other organizations in our community to lend your support.